Graphic Design Management Services

We provide a wide range of services

Waylan Designs can provide much more than website development services. We can manage other graphic design projects or just be your production manager.

How we can help you?

Bring your next project to us - From concept to completion, we'll help you tell your story.

  • Brochures, programs, reports and other printed media
  • Permanent and portable display graphics
  • Large format prints for posters and interiors
  • Signage for events and programming
  • Exhibit graphics and design
  • Logos and other design components for print and web
  • Exterior banners
  • Starting at $699 
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Graphic Designs Project Assessment Questionnaire

Here is your opportunity to tell us about your graphic design needs, and this is a long questionnaire. However, we require this to be filled out before moving forward. Filling this out allows us to understand your needs better and to make the design process move quickly. The more information you give us here, the better the solution we will be able to provide. It will also help you organize your ideas and thoughts about your project.

You are asking yourself why this long process. Waylan Designs focuses on quality and wants to provide the best service to our clients. We want to build a business relationship with our clients. One of our primary goals is to help our clients be successful.


Production Manager Services

If you already have the components for your project but don’t have the technical expertise or software to put them together, let Waylan Designs be your production manager. We will take those components and turn them into an effective design that meets your needs.

Waylan Designs can troubleshoot graphics problems that were done incorrectly. Let us see if we can salvage that bad design and your sanity.

Examples of production only projects: photo editing, troubleshooting graphics that were poorly executed, Just taking components that the client has provided us and laying them out, like an E-newsletter, E-book or any marketing material.

Our Graphic Design Process

This is our process of how we begin the graphic design project development.

1. The Business Name

Waylan Designs will not work on any project for a business if it is not attached to a registered business. We will also verify that your business is registered and has a tax number. This is protecting our business from any unlawful activity.

If you have not gotten that far as to develop a business name or identity we can assist you with that, but this should be your priority before moving forward with any project for your business.

2. The Brief

We will ask questions to figure out why you need our services and what you are trying to achieve. When I interview you, it might feel like you’re being interrogated. If it doesn’t feel like that, then I have not done my job. Also, all information is confidential and for our needs only.

We are here to help develop something that will bring growth to your business. That is our main mission at Waylan Designs.

3. The Content

All clients are required to supply the content for all design projects. The content will need to be supplied before any design work begins. This will help the design process move quickly and any delay could cause deadlines to be missed. This also includes all images, but we can source that, but that will add to the project cost.

If you are in the need of content to be written for your design project, this service is provided through our partners that do copywriter for us. It will also be a separate proposal for that service.

4. The Design

Waylan Designs will develop two or three individual designs for clients to review. This is why we have so many questions at the beginning because we want to design something that will fit your business goals and help to pinpoint a design that you will really like. With all the prep work at the beginning, it will help us turn the design around quickly and minimize the revisions.

5. The Delivery

When the final design is approved that is when we will provide everything you need for your branding and marketing efforts. Waylan Designs can even become your production manager and take it all the way to the final output like printing. Being your production manager will help with any troubles that could pop up with producing the final output of your design project.

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